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Therapy Program Overview

Live Workshops will be held at 333 Miller Ave, Suite 3, Mill Valley CA 94965 with additional trainings in Europe and Asia.

The Gestalt Institute of San Francisco is delighted to launch its 2023-24 certificate training program in the art and science of the Gestalt Approach. The training program is designed for counselors and psychotherapists in training as well as seasoned mental health professionals and other consultants and coaching professionals. The program will offer deep theoretical and experiential learning of guiding principles and processes of Gestalt to those who seek to embody deep presence and knowledge in the service of one’s own and others’ human potential

The training program will integrate and interweave discussions of theoretical constructs with direct experiential learning of Gestalt Methodology, processes, and therapeutic practices. It will introduce Gestalt as a school of philosophy, psychology and phenomenology and focus the majority of time on direct, experiential, awareness based and process-experiential, embodied skill development.

Program structure: 
The yearly programs are based on three learning quarters adding up to a year long certificate of completion. Trainees interested to enrol beyond one year have to be invited by the faculty. Each quarter offers learning hours comprised of 12 weekly 2-hour didactic/practice classes and weekend non-residential experiential workshops. The weekend workshops are taught and facilitated in the tradition of Gestalt marathon groups and are intensive and personal in nature.

Program Investment and registration:

Registration for each quarter includes the following: Twelve weekly 2-hour classes on Zoom along with weekend non-residential intensive workshops in Mill Valley, on Zoom, or at our locations in Europe. 28 hours of structured home study.

The cost per semester is $1500 per semester. 4500.00 total for the one year certificate.

Visit our YOUTUBE CHANNEL for extensive videos on our program and history.