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Gestalt Couples Counseling Certification

The GCCC training focuses on three main areas:

  • The introjected parent relationship.
  • The unfinished parent-child relationship.
  • The individual vulnerabilities of the couple.
  • The relational field of the couple. 

Special attention will also be paid to the difference between intra-personal and inter-personal work. The inter-subjective relational field will be emphasized in the context of very practical techniques and outcome oriented interventions.  

The GCCC is open to Mental Health/Medical Professionals or currently enrolled Graduate Level students regardless of their previous experience with Gestalt. Trainees will receive a thorough introduction to the Gestalt Approach and acquire the working skills of a gestalt therapist regardless of their previous experience. Therapists already familiar with Gestalt will also benefit reviewing the basic Gestalt foundational practices as uniquely taught through the Gestalt Institute of San Francisco.  

The Themes of the six weekend workshops are as follows:

Weekend One: Gestalt Theoretical Foundations & Processes for Couples Therapy. 

Weekend Two: The Introjected Couple Relationship 

Weekend Three: The Unfinished Parental Relationship

Weekend Four: The intersubjective Vulnerabilities of the Couple

Weekend Five:  Gestalt Experiments & Interventions for the Couple 

Weekend Six:    Designing New Couple Relationships based on Authenticity rather than Hidden Vulnerability Repetition 

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