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Organizational Development Program

The Gestalt Institute’s Organizational Development Program for 2023-24 is currently open for qualified applicants by arrangement with the Director.

Program Goal: The efficacy of Gestalt Therapy is largely a result of its focus on the practical, universal mechanisms, governing human experience and interaction. These same mechanisms are easily transferred and applied across contexts to larger social systems such as social good organizations and for – profit companies. The goal of the GISF certificate program is to train leadership professionals from a variety of social contexts in the basic applications of Gestalt principles such that they can leverage those principles for building healthier, more effective teams and organizations.

Program Structure: The program consists of 3 to 6 academic quarters. One or two-year certificates are offered on a case by case basis. Applicants must choose a specific focus for their studies (in coordination with a mentor) and have a minimum of five years experience in an executive level position.

Investment: Tuition is 13,500.00 per academic year. For more information, email: (include “OD PROGRAM” in the subject field).